What would we be without our teams of hair stylists, managers, assistants, receptionists and in-house educator? We're super proud to have such a talented and creative group of people at ESHK. On top of the lastest trends and techniques, always going out of their way to get our clients the desired result. From our hairdressers in Shoreditch to Neukölln, these are the fantastic folks looking after you.

Chiaki - senior stylist at ESHK Hair Barbican


master stylist

Working hard, training daily after work to achieve her goals and become best she can be – that’s the work ethic our self-employed master stylist Chiaki was taught in Japan. She’s is a wonderful team player, bubbly and always full of ideas, has graced our salons with her presence for more than a decade. After having worked a lot with oriental hair, she found new inspiration in using gentle perming products to create natural looking curls.

Kelleh - senior stylist at ESHK Hair Shoreditch


master / colourist / educator

Kelleh, self-employed master hairstylist and colourist in Shoreditch, started his training over a decade ago and has never stopped since. He’s always keen to learn new styles and techniques to keep him and his clients up to date on the latest trends. Main strengths are colours and being from Liverpool obviously blow dries. He’s done a lot of photo shoots and fashion shows in the past for independent brands but his heart lies in the salon, helping client’s get the look they’re after. As ESHK’s Educator, he gets the teams up to date with latest trends and techniques.

Daniele - senior stylist at ESHK Hair Barbican


master stylist / branch manager

Born in Germany to Italian parents, Daniele gained most of his experience working in the family business. The key to achieving client satisfaction is listening to them, he says. As a hairstylist in London he loves using products to create different looks and add volume / texture to the hair. He is always on hand to offer optimal hair care and styling advice. Come see our self-employed stylist Daniele at our Barbican hairdressers, right in the heart of London’s Farringdon.

Meet Becky, stylist at ESHK Hair Clerkenwell, London - ballayage, colour, cuts


senior stylist / branch manager

Our senior hairstylist Becky, is U.K. born, but grew up in the land of the long white cloud, New Zealand. She comes from a creative background in graphic design. She then discovered her lifelong passion and career in hairdressing. She moved to London to further her craft and be inspired by the city, fashion and its people. Becky loves to do her artistic ballayage, colour transformations and cuts that express her clients personality. There is no better job, than making someone feel beautiful.

Meet Lisa, stylist at ESHK Hair Shoreditch, London.


master / colourist

hairdresser (noun): 1. a cut above the rest 2.adds colour to the lives of others 3.brings out the beauty in others 4.miracle worker.

The above is a description our self-employed master stylist & colourist Lisa lives by; in the industry for almost two decades she’s passionate about transformation of a client in her chair. It’s more than just a hair style, it’s a translation of self expression she like to bring out of her clients. She’s done fashion weeks in New York and Melbourne as well as various editorial work. Pop in to see her at our Shoreditch hair salon!

Meet Miguel, Director and Stylist of our ESHK Neukölln branch.


master stylist

Born and trained in the south of Andalusia, our Berlin director and master hairstylist Miguel started his career in 2000 followed by 8 years in London where he gained experience in many salons incl. ESHK and catwalk shows (LFW). Miguel specialises in short hair and loves working with curls. He has combined this love with electronic music,  producing and releasing his own material. After moving to Berlin he joined forces with Meg & Fernando opening ESHK Berlin, bringing hair & music together in the up and coming areas of Neukölln and Moabit.

Monika - Manager at ESHK Hair Clerkenwell



Monika has been with ESHK for many years, seeing it expand and evolve. She makes sure clients leave with a smile, the salons look perfect and the teams in the different branches are happy and have all they need. Monika says: “Managing 3 teams with a total of 30 people isn’t easy, a serious challenge at times, but at the end of the day it’s all good fun.”

Meet Codi, stylist at ESHK Hair Neukölln, Berlin.


master stylist / branch manager

Originally from a Cornish seaside town in England, our master hairstylist Codi is looking forward to the fast paced city life that Berlin has to offer. She moved to Berlin after traveling around Asia & Australia for 3-4 years to find inspiration and to get more in touch with her creative side.

sophia hairstylist moabit berlin


senior stylist

Meet Sophia, senior hairstylist at ESHK Friseur Moabit. Sophia started her hairdressing career over a decade ago in Seoul. Wanting to gain more experience and up her skills she decided to move to Sydney, Australia. Here she trained and qualified at the Toni & Guy Academy, followed by 8 years at a salon located in the heart of Sidney’s city center. Her next adventure is Berlin where she is looking forward to find inspiration and to create new looks for her customers to help them express their personalities.

Italian hairstylist at ESHK Barbican London


senior stylist

Our Italian hairstylist Silvia, based at our Barbican hair salon, was born in the north of Italy. She lived in Milan for about 10 years, where she studied at an art institute and then the academy of art, sculpture. It was however more than a decade and a half ago that she started her journey as a hairstylist. She’s always been into creative haircuts and colours, punk-chic is her style. Our self-employed stylist Sylvia says: “I think beauty is everywhere, sometimes it’s hiding… and that’s where hairdressers do the magic!”

mike hairstylist friseur neukolln berlin


senior stylist

Meet Mike, senior hairstylist in our Neukölln salon. Born in Warsaw, despite graduating in chemistry, he had always known that hair is his true passion. He gained over 16 years of experience in the Best salons in Warsaw participating in seminars and trainings. Mike likes clean, light hair cuts and natural colours, in which he introduces elements of avant-garde. There’s no greater joy to him than seeing the smile of a client in his chair. In his spare time he enjoys traveling South-East Asia.

Marc hairstylist at ESHK Friseur Neukölln, Berlin


senior stylist

Over 15 years cutting hair professionally, trained and qualified at Toni and Guy academy new oxford street London where I assisted and worked on countless BHA shoots. Later moved to HOB salons and worked at their Camden academy cutting hair and also began to work more in education. Later moved to Taylor Taylor London as an art director and began to work with famous hairdresser Guido Palou. I assisted Guido for 5 seasons and have worked globally for him, where I have cut hair on shows and shoots for many brands from Prada to Louis Vuitton.

sher hairstylist shoreditch london balayage


stylist / colourist

Sher is a second generation hairstylist and colourist at our Shoreditch branch; she’s been practicing her skill ever since she can remember. She learned and developed her craft in highly acclaimed salon in Edinburgh then moved to London 2 years ago to further her career. Sher specialises in all things colour and likes to explore new techniques so she’s always up to date with the latest trends. Balayage, blondes and beachy textured hair is Sher’s forte, but she also really enjoys doing vivid colours to get the artistic flow going. When our self-employed stylist Sher isn’t in the salon you will find her at music events and gigs exploring her other passion, which is music!

Meet Alex, stylist at ESHK Hair Barbican, London



Alex, self-employed hairstylist at ESHK Shoreditch, was born and trained in Australia, with over 10 years experience his philosophy has always been about individuality and personality, his passion lies in all parts of hairdressing and doesn’t shy away from a complete restyle he will mostly encourage it, using colour and his scissors he will give you the confidence to wear your hair proud.

Meet Yan, stylist at ESHK Friseur Neukölln, Berlin.


senior stylist

Yan’s experience spans across three of the main European cities: Paris, London and now Berlin. He’s headed up teams in charge of fashion events, worked with designers and trained other stylists. Berlin’s the city he loves, from where he continues his passion for hairdressing alongside director roles for Paris Fashion Week.

yu japanese hairstylist moabit eshk hairdressers berlin



Meet Yu, our Japanese hairstylist at ESHK Friseur Moabit. She honed her craft and gained experience in Tokyo, London and Berlin.  With a decade of making people look fantastic plus some time spent in art school, you’ll be in great hands for a fresh creative new haircut and colour.

Luigi senior colour technician shoreditch at ESHK Hair London


colour technician

Italian-born Luigi, colour technician based at our Shoreditch hair salon, started learning his craft in Rome. From there he went on to spend 7 years working as a senior colourist in a leading London hair salon.

Our self-employed stylist Luigi’s passionate about using colour to make his clients feel great about their look. When he’s not in the salon he can be found cooking, walking his dog, Togo, and catching up with friends.

Meet Laura, stylist at ESHK Neukölln, Berlin


senior / colourist

With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art, she began a career working in Fashion. Ever inspired by the catwalk and hair collaboration, Laura discovered her true passion.

Educated in a prestigious UK hair academy, by some of the leading international artistic directors in the industry, she has since established herself as a highly talented hairdresser.

Laura draws upon her years of experience working and further training in Berlin and works with an acute attention to detail in both cut and colour. Our self-employed senior hairstylist and colourist Laura loves to specialise in colour, working with creative brights to natural hues. She always wants to create the perfect colour and finish to make you feel beautiful.

Meet Will (Guillermo), stylist at ESHK Hair Shoreditch


stylist / colourist

Guille, hairstylist and colourist based at ESHK Shoreditch, began pursuing hair styling after he finished his music studies in Madrid. Armed with his degree, he began collaborating with artists, designers, and independent brands that came out of Barcelona, Madrid and Berlin. Whilst working on these fashion collections and live shows, our self-employed stylist Guille used this influence to apply it to his salon work here in London.

jacko hairstylist friseur moabit berlin


senior stylist

Meet Jacko, our senior hairstylist at ESHK Moabit. Depending on who you ask, Jacko Joao aka X.E.N is a hairstylist / Barber / DJ / hair scissors specialist / dance music producer.

For the past 20 years he has been combining his love for hairdressing with a music career
which all started in 2000 in Hong Kong. Working at established hair salons, Jacko got involved in movies, fashion shows, hair shows and photo shoots. All after which you’d find him spending his nights spinning records in clubs and touring Asia. 2019 saw him add a new chapter to his life by moving to Berlin and joining the ESHK family.

Jacko’s skills mean he’s able to work with various hairstyles in both contemporary and classic settings. Combining different hair cutting techniques, he delves into his experience ranging from Western structuralism to Japanese-influenced texturising techniques to classic American barber fade cut techniques. You’ll always find a certain perfectionism to Jacko’s work, his approach is innovative and unique, sculpting hair with his own design hair scissors to provide solid and flawless haircuts.

Meet Viann, stylist at ESHK Hair Clerkenwell


senior stylist

Our senior hairstylist Viann is based at ESHK Hair Barbican near Farringdon With over a decade of experience and hard work, she’s a firm favourite amongst regular clients. Having worked in top salons in Hong Kong, she also has a vast amount of fashion shows and editorial work under her belt. Kind yet talented, her creativity brings out the best in her clients. Pop into our salon, come see our self-employed stylist Viann and leave looking fantastic.

will hairstylist shoreditch eshk hairdressers london


stylist / colourist

Having worked in the industry for over 19 years, our Shoreditch hairstylist and colourist Will’s experience covers a wide spectrum. He’s mastered a range of different technical aspects of hair, spanning all colour techniques from highlights to bleach work. Will’s worked all around the world from Belfast to Sydney; making him an expert at a variety of different hair types and styles, specialising from medium to short hair. He has a real eye for colour which shines through in his work especially with his balayage technique. Priding himself on his attention to detail, he will always take the time to go through a thorough consultation with you to ensure that you both have a strong understanding of the desired finished look resulting in a happy client happy stylist! Come see our self-employed stylist Will at our hairdresser in Shoreditch.

Izumi Japanese hairstylist in our Shoreditch hairdresser


senior / colourist

Born in Tokyo but bred in London, for over a decade I have learned from and worked with several talented hairdressers from all over the world. No matter how long you have been doing this job, I believe there is always something to learn. I like doing everything – cuts, colour and styling but also vintage and wedding – on any sort of hair (I also really enjoy braidings during festival season!).

A hairdresser is one of the very few people you choose to let into your intimate space, so it is important for me that you feel comfortable. The more I get to know you, the more I can get to know your hair, and what works for its style and health.  I’m here at ESHK as self-employed senior stylist and colourist to make people feel good in every day, and I love playing a role in their lives!

Meet Kosuke, styilst at ESHK Hair Moabit, Berlin.


master stylist

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, our master hairstylist Kosuke started his career over 13 years ago. After training and working in Japan for 10 years he moved to London to further his hairdressing career. His passion for culture soon lead him to Berlin, where he has found his second home. He lives by the motto “Good hair = Good Life”.

rosa italian hairstylist clerkenwell eshk london



Meet our Italian hairstylist and colourist Rosa. She was born in Sicily, where she laid the foundation for her skills training at a hairdressing school. However about five years ago she decided to move to the UK to sharpen her skills and gain new experience. With over a decade of making people look beautiful, Rosa has also collaborated with various brands. She is passionate about creating a different look tailormade to each client, from the haircut itself to using shades and tones. For our self-employed stylist Rosa really getting to know and understand your clients is essential to obtain the best result. Book your appointment with our self-employed stylist Rosa at our Clerkenwell hairdressers.

julia hairstylist moabit eshk friseur berlin



Born in the south of France, our Moabit based hairstylist Julia worked for 8 years in a concept store with hairdresser, records and second-hand clothes. Alongside she would do regular styling at electronic music events in Avignon. Passionate about art and photography, she can now express herself in colors. Whether vivid or natural, she likes to find effortless low maintenance creations for her clients. A good bond with clients is important to her; to be able to have an informal and relaxing atmosphere all whilst delivering a top-notch result.

martin hairstylist farringdon eshk hair london



Martin, hairstylist in Farringdon at ESHK Barbican, was born in Budapest (Hungary). He moved to London recently to seek new challenges and experiences. As a lover of art, he spends most of his time as a hair stylist and musician (with his band Rien Du Sol), believing the two always inspired each other heavily and using both as inspiration for the other. With almost a decade of hair styling experience he loves to do unusual/extraordinary cuts and colors. Our self-employed hairstylist Martin will find himself going deep into a creative flow when given free reign, but at the same time he believes sometimes a classic or simple style can achieve the best looks.

Pedro senior hairstylist in shoreditch at ESHK Hairdressers London


master / colourist

Our self-employed master hairstylist Pedro hails from Portugal, where for 13 years he worked for the fashion industry, on photo shoots and fashion weeks, and as cut & colour educator and artist. 2017 was the year he made to move to London to bring his experience to the UK industry. Here Pedro has found himself in a multitude of roles: Artist and Educator for Pulp Riot ( Riot Squad ) and Brazilian Bond Builder doing events such as Salon International and Colour World, as well as ambassador for various brands.
At ESHK we’re proud to have him work his creative cut and colour magic on his clients; making sure they have an amazing experience with an on-trend result.

hannah hairstylist shoreditch at eshk hair


stylist / colourist

Meet Hannah, hairstylist at our Shoreditch hairdressers. specialises in bleaching, balayage and blunt cuts with a love for vivid / pastel colours. In her spare time you will find her teaching dance, or having a cheeky nap. A fun facts about our fab self-employed stylist: when she was younger she had a pet tarantula called fluffy!

Meet Daniele, stylist at ESHK Hair Shoreditch


senior / colourist

Born in Puglia, in the South of Italy, Daniele learned hairdressing and barbering in the family business, as well as the ability to really understand client’s needs. He later went on to train at the L’Oréal academy, quickly moving up to expert colourist, taking part in hair shows and working backstage for national television. At 22 he moved to London, where he has worked with some of the best hairstylist in the fashion industry.

He can regularly be found working between Milan, New York and Paris on shoots and fashion shows for brands such as Chanel, Fendi, Armani or Balenciaga. Nonetheless our self-employed senior stylist Daniele does grace us with his presence and skills on a monthly basis as the main love will always be connecting with people. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram account for updates on availability.

Tomoki music curator ESHK Records Berlin


music curator

Tomoki Tamura started his journey with dance music in Japan and has come a long way since. A move to London in 2004 inaugurated a series of Holic nights that would eventually lead him to rock the floors of top London venues including Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Plastic People. Meanwhile, he had gained enough experience and respect to earn himself a residency at the legendary club The END / AKA from 2007 until its closure in 2009. We’re honored to have him at ESHK to curate the vinyl on sale in our record stores in Berlin.

tia assistant make up artist eshk hair shoreditch



Meet our assistant Tia, born and raised in Essex. When not at the hair salon, you’ll find her working her magic as a make-up artist. Her first memory of hair was cutting herself a fringe when she was 6 (it was a disaster, she admits) but nevertheless she was obsessed with it from that moment on.

gonzalo hair salon receptionist eshk friseur neukölln



Gonzalo is our multi-talented hair salon receptionist at the busy Neukölln branch in Berlin.  He was born in Lima, Perú in the late 80s. Physical Theater, Aerial Acrobacy, Dancing and Mixing Electronic Music are his passions. As soon as he came out of high school, he went to live in New York City for half a year, where he was intercepted by a tremendous night scene. This meant a great moment of inspiration for him as he was introduced to the world of electronic music and nightclubs at his early 17. Becoming a DJ was imminent. This, plus his career in Digital Marketing has kept him remote and flexible; travelling, living in different cities and experiencing different cultures. He’s now settled in Berlin for the long term, managing digital projects, looking forward to transform societies through sound and art and ready to host with the best energy at ESHK.

ozge assistant eshk hairdresser london shoreditch



Meet our assistant Ozge, everyone calls her Oz though. Not once she’s had someone pronounce her name correctly, but it’s fun to watch people try! She has a passion for hairdressing; enjoys being in a salon atmosphere and learning different things everyday. Ozge likes being creative and challenging herself to improve her skills.

lois hair salon assistant eshk hairdressers clerkenwell



Lois was born in Italy and came to the UK 10 years ago to pursue education. After different attempts and paths in education she became extremely fascinated with the world of beauty. She now works with us as our team assistant while persuing her dreams of becoming a diverse hairdresser and professional colourist. She’s determined to make sure your ESHK experience is enjoyed and will give you the best head massage you’ll ever receive!

stephanie hair salon assistant neukölln eshk friseur berlin



Stephanie is our hair salon assistant at ESHK Neukölln, Berlin and aspires to be a hairstylist one day. An American with Korean and Polish roots, she has lived all over the world spending much of her time working in the travel industry and participating in social justice and migration rights activism. Aside from being a part of the ESHK community, Stephanie is a freelance copyeditor, enjoys taking care of her plants, and studying languages.

Meet Lina, assistant at ESHK Hair London



Lina was born and raised in Lithuania. She graduated hairdresser school in 2012. A long hitchhiking trip through Europe eventually landed her in London where her love for hair reignited.



Meet Rinko, our happy assistant that looks after all our lovely clients at ESHK Friseur Neukölln. Full bio coming soon.