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Meet Tanya, our Neukölln hairstylist in Berlin. She was born in Ukraine, in the small town of Rivne. Her first inspiration for the profession was her uncle, who was also a hairdresser. In 2007, he cut his friends’ hair in “emo” style. That’s when Tanya realized she wanted to do this too. When she started her career, Tanya preferred techniques with gradients and layers. Now she loves haircuts such as mullet, wolfcut and pixie. She can do something extraordinary for you or give you a classic cut at the same time. Tanya started her career at the age of 18 in a barbershop when she moved to Kyiv. In 2022 she moved to Warsaw and started working with women’s and men’s haircuts. From time to time worked with modelling agencies doing light styling. While living in Warsaw, she often visited Berlin. This city inspired her with people, the electronic music scene and its atmosphere in general. She fell in love with Berlin as this city felt very similar to Kyiv, where you really feel like a creator. In 2024 Tanya decided to move to Berlin to become one of the artists.