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2024 hair colour ideas at ESHK

Our favourite 2024 hair colour ideas so far

Summer’s here, festival season in full swing, you want to be out enjoying it all… but you’d like to do something different with your hair? We got you, let’s have a look at some of our favourite hair colour results from our salons this year.

Deep Red

Think deep burgundy to warm reds for a total transformation that will absolutely stand out without being too shouty. Mostly seen on longer hair with some volume but can totally work on something like a long bob. Colour by Nick – Shoreditch (1) and Jimmy – Moabit (2).

Layers of blonde

Super summery top layer of bright blonde, highlights, with darker under colour blonde tones. Can’t be more festival ready than this gorgeous result by Lina – Shoreditch (3).

Adding pops of colour

Keeping the natural base but adding interest with colour streaks / localised ombre / bleaching down selected areas from darker colours. Lived-in vivid hair colour by Tawan – Moabit (4), bleached pixie with dpi-dye by Sher – Shoreditch (5) and lightly bleached curls by Tanya – Neukölln (6).

burgundy red and blonde layered hair colour at ESHK
hair colour streaks and subtle bleached hair at ESHK

Images 1 to 6

Sunkissed hair

Featuring some strategically placed highlights or balayage on dark blonde or brunette to give a natural effect of sun bleached hair. Here on a long bob, cut and color by George – Toronto (7) and blonde mullet with subtle highlights by Sayu – Brooklyn (8).


We had to feature this to showcase how a total transformation can look unbelievably good. From dark black to bright silver. Also works super good taking a classic blonde in a more silvery direction. Short bob and colour by Jimmy (9) and long with face frame fringe by Sophia (10) both from our Moabit branch in Berlin.

Just keep it natural

Lots of ways to play with your natural hair colour and its texture, adding in layers, curtain bangs, going for iconic 90s haircuts. Stunning example by Yu – Moabit (11) and Eduardo – Shoreditch (12).

sunkissed hair highlights and silver bob at ESHK
silver long and natural texture hair colours at ESHK

Images 7 to 12

As with all colour work we’ll often recommend adding in a bond builder to really help with dye penetration and protect the hair in the process. Wellaplex or Olaplex is the choice of product you’ll find at ESHK salons.

A second stage is using good quality products to keep hair nourished and healthy. If you invest in a great hair colour, you should also invest in keeping your hair in top shape. Your stylist can advise what to go for and what to avoid for your hair type.

So where to start? With colours we always think it’s best to go see your salon first, book a consultation and talk to the experts; hairstylists and colourists.

We’d love to be part of your next colour journey and hope you enjoyed our hair colour ideas for 2024. Come have a chat with us, we’ll be more than happy to discuss what the options are to achieve your dream result.