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Balmain Hair Care Revitalising Conditioner available at ESHK

Revitalising Conditioner

The ultimate lightweight, nourishing conditioner for dry and damaged hair. The revitalizing formula restores the hair’s vitality without adding weight

Sun Protection Spray from Balmain Hair Care Paris at ESHK Hair best hairdressers

Sun Protection Spray

Helps to nourish and condition sun, sea or chlorine exposed hair. Prevents hair colour fading and keratin damage. For soft, strong sun kissed hair with a luminous shine.

Silk Spray Vaporiser by Balmain Hair at ESHK London and Berlin - from Shoreditch to Neukölln

Silk Perfume Vaporiser

Luxury Vaporizer which adds a luxurious Paris fashion feeling to the Silk Perfume! Attach Vaporizer for Silk Perfume for a beautiful mist spritz.

Balmain Hair Volume Mousse available at ESHK Hair London and ESHK Friseur Berlin

Volume Mousse Strong

Perfect for creating volume whilst conditioning and repairing damaged hair. The end result will be; healthy long lasting, anti-static and glamorous looking hair.

Balmain Hair Silk Perfume at ESHK Hairdressers London and Berlin

Silk Perfume

Silk Perfume detangles and repairs damaged hair, providing long lasting, brilliant shine and protection against external damage.

Beach waves with Balmain Hair Texturising Salt Spray available at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Texturising Salt Spray

Bodifying sea salt adds definition, texture and body. Texturizing spray that contains hair strengthening salt. Hair becomes flexible and is more humidity resistant.

Balmain Hair Care Session Spray Strong available at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Session Spray Strong

A long-lasting fixing spray is a must for any backstage hair artist. Balmain Paris has developed a controlling, fixing and finishing strong hold spray for endless creativity.

Balmain Hair Care St Argan Elexir at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Argan Moisturising Elixir

Nature’s anti-ageing Argan oil elixir makes hair feel visibly smoother, softer and healthier. Adds incredible shine, detangles and repairs damaged hair ends. Does not leave any residue.

Balmain Hair Care Session Spray Medium available at ESHK Hair

Session Spray Medium

Medium spray is essential for creating hairstyles with movement. The session spray medium is a finishing hairspray which preserves the elasticity and movability of the hair whilst offering long-lasting control.

Balmain Texturising Volume Spray at ESHK Hair Shoreditch Clerkenwell Barbican and Neukolln

Texturising Volume Spray

Adds long-lasting volume, definition and texture to the hair within minutes. It gives new life to the hair and the results are seen instantly. The secret weapon for extra volume!

Balmain Care Styling Powder available at ESHK Hair

Styling Powder

The light-weight formula texturizes each hair strand to create maximum volume at the roots. Great for textured braids and updos or for a natural voluminous look with a matt and invisible finish.

Balmain Hair Care Shine Wax available at ESHK Hair

Shine Wax

Create the perfect sleek finished look with this styling essential! A reworkable wax that gives definition, shine and flexible hold that will last through the whole day. It can be washed out easily due to the water-based formula.

Balmain Care Styling Gel Strong available at ESHK Hair

Styling Gel Strong

The perfect formulation for powerful catwalk inspired looks! A lightweight, versatile styling gel with maximum, long-lasting hold. It can be washed out easily due to the water-based formula.

Balmain Care Matt Clay (Strong) at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Matt Clay Strong

This product creates the ultimate matt defined look with maximum texture! The hard-hold clay becomes workable in the hands and smoothes away frizziness to provide a long lasting hold with a dry finish.

Balmain Styling Matt Paste available at ESHK Hair

Matt Paste

The ultimate styling essential to mould and shape your hair into any style. With a smooth texture and remouldable hold it creates the ultimate flexible look that can be re-done throughout the day and night.

Balmain Care Styling Curl Cream available at ESHK Hair

Styling Curl Cream

The Curl Cream helps fight frizz without flattening texture and defines spirals without making them crunchy. It hydrates the hair resulting in flexible, natural curls that last all day.

Balmain Hair Care Volume Conditioner at ESHK Hair

Volume Shampoo

Luxury shampoo for all hair types, adds volume and shine. Lightweight volume shampoo, paraben free and sulfate free. A nourishing, caring shampoo, with volume boost to create voluminous, full bodied hair.

Balmain Hair Care Pre-Styling Cream available at ESHK Hair

Pre Styling Cream

Pre Styling Cream is the ultimate pre-treatment application to give volume and shine. Infused with Argan Oil and Silk Protein, it reduces frizziness, creates definition and reduces blow-dry time.

Balmain Care Volume Conditioner available at ESHK Hair Shoreditch, Clerkenwell, Barbican and Neukolln

Volume Conditioner

Lightweight conditioner that nourishes, detangles hair and adds form. Paraben and sulfate free. A nourishing, caring conditioner, with volume boost to create voluminous, full bodied hair.

Balmain Hair Care Revitalising Mask available at ESHK Hair

Revitalising Mask

An intense nourishing mask to repair dry and damaged hair. The ultimate energy boost to strengthen the hair from within.

Balmain Leave-In Conditioner available at ESHK Hair

Leave-In Conditioner

Gives body, volume, care and conditioning during the day. Creates easy manageable, flexible and shiny hair.

Balmain Revitalising Shampoo available at ESHK Hair

Revitalising Shampoo

The Revitalizing Shampoo is the supreme shampoo to repair dry and damaged hair. The formula gently cleanses while providing optimal nutrition to the hair.

Balmain Hair Care Moisturising Shampoo available ESHK Hair

Moisturising Shampoo

Deeply nourishing shampoo enriched with pure organic Argan oil. Suitable for treated and/or colored hair. Nourishes and conditions hair, creating strong, shiny and manageable hair.

Balmain Care Moisturising Repair Mask available at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Moisturising Repair Mask

Conditioning mask for normal, colored and damaged hair. Contains organic argan elixir, which conditions hair inside out. Hair feels soft and looks shiny, perfectly moisturized and nourished hair.

Balmain Care Moisturising Conditioner available at ESHK Hair

Moisturising Conditioner

Revitalizing and nourishing conditioner, enriched with pure organic Argan elixir. Repairs, strengthens and protects the hair, contains deep colour, thermal and UV protection filters.

Balmain Hair Care Dry Shampoo available at ESHK Hair London and Berlin

Dry Shampoo

Use to refresh and revive hair between washes. Great for all hair types, for quick fixes, easy styling and great value for money in a 300ml can!

night.rider, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, wax, Old Street


Provides a tough hold and a rough matte texture for short or choppy looks., Kevin Murphy, styling, clay, ESHK, Time Out, best

A blend of Bentonite Clay and Kukui Nut Oil with old fashioned Bee's Wax gives super support and a dry, gritty texture.

powder.puff, Kevin Murphy, product, hair care, ESHK hair, volume, cuts, highlights


Sprinkle onto damp or dry hair at the roots to create volume and texture.

blonde.angel, Kevin Murphy, treatment, light hair, ESHK, Goswell Road


A treatment conditioner to moisturise and soften bleached, highlighted and grey hair. Colour enhancers refresh and repair brassy and yellowed blonde tones. For blonde or grey hair. Paraben free.

motion.lotion, Kevin Murphy, styling, frizzy hair, ESHK, creme


A curl enhancer and frizz control in a weightless absorbing lotion, for a sexy look and feel.

young.again, Kevin Murphy, treatment, ESHK, hair, Shoredtich


Indulge yourself with intensely conditioned smooth, soft hair. Apply daily to infuse hair with shine and protection from heat and the environment.

blonde.angel.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, ESHK, Clerkenwell, Hair salon


Colour enhancing shampoo for blonde hair

anti.gravity, Kevin Murphy, volumiser, texturiser, ESHK hair, blow-dry, Goswell Road


An oil free volumiser and texturiser. For bigger, thicker hair, apply to wet hair and dry in., Kevin Murphy, texture, dry, hair, ESHK, Hoxton

A dry cleaner for the hair that gives body and texture, removes odors, excess oil, and all your sins from the night before.

sticky.bussiness, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, salon, Time Out, best, Old Street

A matte finish, medium hold, texturiser to create a deliberately disheveled look.

hair.resort, Kevin Murphy, volume, hair, ESHK, beach, hairdresser


Get "a day at the beach hair" with this fragrant volumising beach hair spray.

body.guard, Kevin Murphy, creme, styling, ESHK, Hoxton square


A leave-in crème that smoothes dry ends and protects the hair from mechanical damage.

color.bug, Kevin Murphy, temporary color, ESHK, highlights, Wella


COLOR.BUG is wipe on, wipe off colour! It's just for fun and just for the one night.

damage.manager, Kevin Murphy, protection, hair, ESHK, heat shield, Clerkenwell, salon


Instant heat shielding spray with Arnica root extract.

session.spray, Kevin Murphy, spray, styling, ESHK, Barbican, Clerkenwell, Goswell Road


This aerosol provides a firm, weightless, lasting hold.

born.again, Kevin Murphy, treatment, ESHK, hair, Angel


BORN.AGAIN counter act the effects of free radicals on our hair and scalp, slowing oxidization and making it the perfect post colour treatment.

easy.rider, Kevin Murphy, anti-frizz, curl, creme, ESHK, hair, Time Out


De-frizz and activate curl with added vitamins and minerals that treat your hair as you style.

bornagain.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, rich, nurturing, ESHK, Shoredtich


An ultra rich moisturising shampoo for extremely tortured and chemically dehydrated hair.

hair.resort, Kevin Murphy, styling, gents, Hoxton, silicon roundabout, ESHK


A messy beach look that defines all hair types. An oil free texturiser for a sexy surfer look that defies gravity., Kevin Murphy, gel, hold, ESHK, Pitfield Street

Natural finish, firm hold rubbery gel. A no flake, water soluble setting and molding gel. With extracts from Green Tea, Bamboo and Nettle.

full.again, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, London, East, hairdresser, salon


Infused with essential oil of Amyris and Elemi, this weightless lotion will thicken hair, providing natural movement and body. Rayon particles create a thicker surface making fine hair act thicker.

texture.master, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, hairdressers, best, London, Clerkenwell, styling


Inspired by the bouffant and the bee hive,TEXTURE.MASTER transforms and creates a big base of hair without having to tease.

un.dressed, Kevin Murphy, fibre paste, ESHK, hold, Shoredtich, quiff


A firm elastic paste to create a loose, undone, natural look. Infused with Black Pepper, Honey & Ivy extracts for a matte texture.

body.builder, Kevin Murphy, styling, fulness, hold, ESHK,, Pitfield Street


Work that body and boost your hair with flexible fullness and hold.

anti.gravity.spray, Kevin Murphy, styling, spray, ESHK, Clerkenwell


A non-aerosol weightless spray that adds volume and reinforces shine. Infused with organic Lavender Hydrosol to achieve body and hold to all hair types.

staying.alive, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, spray, hair care, salon, Shoreditch


A leave-in treatment containing olive leaf extract and rose hip oil that are antioxidant rich and protect the hair.

born.again.masque, Kevin Murphy, mask, masque, treatment, ESHK, hair care, Clerkenwell


This ultra rich masque is a blend of pure botanicals and the latest research in science.

young.again.masque, Kevin Murphy, treatment, ESHK, young, East London


A deep conditioning restorative masque with a complex of 20 Amino Acids, Quinoa and Rice Proteins, Immortelle, Lotus Flower and Baobab Seed oils to renew youthful lustre to dry damaged or brittle hair.

summer.shine, Kevin Murphy, treatment, baobab, ESHK, Hoxton


Revive shine and repair hair with this finishing mist. Treat your hair as it shines with Vitamins A, C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts.

young.again.rinse, Kevin Murphy, ESHK, conditioner, nourishing, Shoreditch


Nourish and restore youthful lustre to dry, brittle or damaged hair. A complex of 20 Amino Acids, Bamboo and Lotus extracts strengthen, whilst Baobab and Mango seed oils smooth frizzy hair.

luxury.rinse, Kevin Murphy, conditioner, ESHK, Old Street, hairdresser


The reinvented LUXURY.RINSE is a richer, smoother, ultra rich conditioner with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair.

hydrate-me.rinse, Kevin Murphy, conditioner, ESHK, Hoxton, gents, cuts, trendy


Contains micro algae for radiance and Kakadu Plum to maintain level of collagen and elastin, essential for healthy lustrous hair.

angel.rinse, Kevin Murphy, conditioner, delicate, nourishing, ESHK, Old Street, London


A delicate recovery conditioner for fine, fragile or broken hair that is coloured or damaged.

young.again.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, renew, ESHK, Hoxton


A restorative shampoo containing a complex of 20 Amino Acids. Anti-ageing extracts from Lotus flower and Orchid help to renew youthful lustre and shine to dry brittle hair.

maxi.shamp.wash, Kevin Murphy, ESHK hair, shampoo, Shoreditch


A detoxifying shampoo that contains AHA's (fruit acids) that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp.

luxury.wash by Kevin Murphy, shampoo, ESHK, best hairdresser, Time Out


The reinvented LUXURY.WASH is a richer, smoother, ultra rich shampoo with ingredients specifically suited for the needs of thick, coarse hair.

hydrate-me.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, Clerkenwell, ESHK, Goswell Road


HYDRATE-ME.WASH is a super smoothing and hydrating wash for normal to dry hair.

balancing.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, trend, ESHK, Vogue, London


An antioxidant rich shampoo for everyday washers that strengthens the hair and protects against colour fade or damage caused by hot irons or dryers.

angel.wash, Kevin Murphy, shampoo, delicate, fragile, hair, ESHK, Hoxton


A delicate recovery shampoo for fine, fragile or broken hair that is coloured or damaged.