Izumi Japanese hairstylist in our Shoreditch hairdresser


senior stylist

Born in Tokyo but bred in London, for over a decade I have learned from and worked with several talented hairdressers from all over the world. No matter how long you have been doing this job, I believe there is always something to learn. I like doing everything – cuts, colour and styling but also vintage and wedding – on any sort of hair (I also really enjoy braidings during festival season!).

A hairdresser is one of the very few people you choose to let into your intimate space, so it is important for me that you feel comfortable. The more I get to know you, the more I can get to know your hair, and what works for its style and health.  I’m here at ESHK as self-employed stylist to make people feel good in every day, and I love playing a role in their lives!