Tomoki Tamura neon sign ESHK Vinyl Record Store Berlin

Berlin Beats: Tomoki Tamura

With the Berlin based DJ and producer's new EP out, we learn more about his new release and collaboration with Tuccillo.

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Copper and crazy hair colour ideas 2022

Hair Colour Ideas for 2022

We feel it too, 2021 has been another year of doom 'n gloom, but we and our lovely clients have found solace in treating ourselves to some fab hair colours. Here are a few of our favourites, giving you some hair colour inspiration to kickstart 2022.

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mullet haircut in london and berlin ESHK hairdresser

Style Focus: The Mullet Haircut

Whatever happened to the 80s, I hear you think? A striking style with a modern twist has brought this haircut back.

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